Image Banks

Search for the Right Image

It’s fun just browsing to see different intepretations of what you want.   We offer backend searches through two of the largest free image banks in the cloud:  Pixabay and Openclipart.   Find the perfect picture for your project, drag it to the canvas, and use it without worry on attribution.   These finds are public domain and royalty free.  Can’t find what you need there, use Google Image Search.  Extract just about any image from the web from the source URL.  Just be sure to honor license restrictions.


Diagram What You Know

A picture can be a thousand words but academic papers require more precise diagraming for clearer understanding.  Easily add annotation to graphic images with a variety of line formats.  With Dynolines you can stretch diagonal lines by simply dragging their end points.  Other lines look like corners or are drawn like steps; each are adaptable to fit any diagram.

Charts and Graphs

Easy as Pie

Making sense of your data isn’t always easy.  Create vivid engaging infographics with Pictographr’s built in graph and chart editor.  It feels like working on a spreadsheet while letting you easily modify colors, alter graph shapes, and resize titles and legends.  Choose from a variety of graph types to fit just about any presentation.

Lots and lots of Storage

Google Drive = 15G Space

Pictographr’s tight integration with Google Drive means you will practically never run out of space.  Drive offers the most abundant free online storage of all the current cloud storage providers.  Create unlimited pictographs, infographics and annotated diagrams.  Find interesting images from the web?  Extract them and easily store them for later use.   Easily access any photo or image you saved on Drive, and drag them to the canvas for placement or editing.

Share Everywhere

Proud of Your Design?

Your friends would love to see it.  Render your creation quickly, then share it via popular social networks.  Graphics rendered and shared from Pictographr are always viewable with a public URL.  Also you can submit your designs to our monthly content to win free months.

Social Dimensions

Size Really Does Matter

Creating visual content for each social platform requires precise dimensions.  Get them wrong and you got empty filler gaps or your images look mis-aligned.   Pictographr sets them right for you.  Simple pick the right platform and format.  Focus on the creative,  Pictographr will ensure your content will be the exact fit, down to the pixel.