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Food Photography Tips for Bloggers

Food is one of the most favourite things, I think we all agree to this fact. Food is something everybody likes and I feel it is one of the best subjects for photography. Photography that emphasizes on food or utilises food as a visual subject to illustrate a non-food concept is known as Food Photography.

You can always see tradition food photography in different cookbooks and food magazines. Earlier when there was less use of internet, people used these cookbooks and magazines for learning recipes, but also the photographs of tasty food made them feel the urge to bring these recipes to life.

Modern food photography is wider and more creative, and it may incorporate any combination of innovative styling approaches and lighting techniques. Nowadays food photography is usually done by bloggers, any not any bloggers but food bloggers. Food bloggers tell you all about different kinds of food, and different places that serve amazing and yummy food items.

Whatever shape the art takes, the goal of almost all food photography is to make the food in the image appealing and delicious. But sometimes, Photography editorials, for example, may occasionally include unappealing food for shock value.

Food photography is more difficult than it appears, especially macro food photography. But frequently practicing will make you better. Macro food photography is usually done because food is a small object generally. Since food is usually still, the photographer can make different kinds of changes and can put a lot of imagination into the photography.

This also makes editing better. You can always create different kinds of edits like boiling of water, beverage droplets, etc.  You can always use different kinds of props in food photography to make it better. Sometimes even models for different food brands. Only a good photographer can bring the perfect mix of shadows and brightness to the food photographs.

Tips on Food Photography for Food Bloggers

To capture a delicious shot, you don’t have to be a professional photographer, all you need is just a little practice and some knowledge. I have made a list for all the food bloggers out there for some food photography tips.


  1. Lighting             

It’s all about the lighting. The best kind of lighting food photography is natural lighting. It enhances the food and all details about it. Use of flash or other kinds of lighting of lighting can degrade the quality of the picture. Choose the place with the best lighting in your space and with different angles where you feel the best light appears.

Different kinds of look better with different angles, so with the avid amount of lighting, keep in mind the different angles for food photography. Try clicking pictures near large windows in the day time.

This will help in creating amazing and beautiful picture which will also look appetising. Never! And I say it again, never! Use the flash or any table top lights for your food photography. You should always use props but you can always de-focus them and focus on the food to make it look more desirable.


  1. Practice

Try to practice more and more to get a good hand on taking good pictures. You should find good food pictures on the internet and try recreating them. This will help you in paying attention to details and also the mistakes that you make.

You can practice your food styling, the lighting which should be natural of course, and also different kinds of angles for different kinds of food. The best part about practising is that you always get to eat that food that you are practising with.


  1. The best aspects of the dish

Try capturing the experience that you have with the food. Ask yourself a question, “What do you like about this dish the most?” and when you know what you want to do, try getting the best possible outcome you can get.

For example, take a picture of the melted cheese of a burger, or the runny eggs, also the oregano sprinkled on a pizza, the ingredients that make the food more delicious, that will also impact your images and make them more appetising and will bring mouth-watering experience for you audience.

These are the qualities that you should share with your viewers. Also try taking many photos of the same dish, and you can choose later the one you like best.


  1. Composition

Composition is essential for food photography. This is accurate both in terms of how you organise the food and how you organize any elements in the backdrop. You can present the ingredients in different manners to organize them in such a way that it looks appetizing to the eyes of the viewers.

For example, you can keep different kinds of fruits, and then a milkshake, a half-cut lemon and also the mixer. This will look good for the photograph. It will add more essence to the image.


  1. No need of a fancy camera

If you have a good camera, it great, but if you are a food blogger, you don’t need to buy a new camera just for food photography. You can just use your camera. Especially nowadays when, apple and Samsung smartphones have great camera quality.

Taking photos with phones is way easier efficient. Just don’t use your phone flash or any other lights, just use natural light. That will give amazing results. Increase the saturation of your photos. Myself, I always slightly enhance the saturation in my food shots to make them appear more dramatic.

It is also best to sharpen your pictures, don’t use blurry pictures. I have noticed choosing a dark backdrop works good for food photography for some reason.


  1. Minor details

    All minor and major details are important in food photography. Since the photos are taken from such closeups, viewers can literally see every part of the food and also the backdrop, so it is necessary to make everything look appealing.

    Even little crumbs of food here and there can be noticed by your viewers. So, it is necessary that you look after all the details in the food and the image to bring the food and the image to life. Even though we call wish the food images that we see on the internet all day could come to life to us.

  2. Editing

Editing is one of the main aspects of food photography and we all know that. Firstly, you need to plan the shoot well, so as to get the picture or image that you had in mind. Also use a background of a contrasting colour.

Try clicking the pictures in raw format, so there is not much difficulty while editing. The best apps for editing are Snapseed and lightroom, according to us. Also use good themes and colours while editing

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