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How to Convert Slow Motion Videos to Normal Videos in iPhone and iPad

Slow motion videos have a cinematic effect, the allure of which is hard to resist. Blowing bubbles or candles, raindrops or snow falling, or just a moment captured where you are having fun; these are some of the many captures which are worth recording and watching in slow motion. Although, for some it may later feel like they have missed on the natural flow of the moment or would like to have it both ways – normal speed and slow motion.

If you relate to either of the above, this one is definitely for you. Keep on reading and follow few simple steps to return your slow motion clips into normal speed


One more thing to be noted here is that there is no loss of quality in the process, which means that you won’t have to watch pixilated or blurred videos. In addition to this, the process of conversion is lot simpler since there is no extra app download needed and the changes are reversible if you don’t like the converted version.

  1. The most simple step of all is to open the Photos app in your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Now, once the app is opened, you will find the Albums tab at the bottom. Tap it.
  3. Once opened, scroll down to the heading “Media Types” and select the slo-mo option.
  4. Further, select a video and open it in full screen. Then, tap on edit.
  5. Now, you will notice a thin slider with white vertical lines. The lines wide apart represent the slow motion effect, while the ones close together represent normal speed. Select a slider and then drag it all the way towards the other. This way, you will find all the wide spaced lines aligned closely, representing that the video will now play at normal speed. You can check it by tapping the triangular play button.
  6. Click on Done. Voila! You have now successfully converted your slow motion video into a normal speed video with just a few steps.

Now that you are done, you can just as easily transform the videos back to their original form, i.e., slow motion. First click on Edit, then select revert and finally, tap no Revert to Original. This way the complete video will be changed back to its original form. Although, if you wish to change only a part of the video, not completely, you can use the sliders for the same and position them accordingly.

Points to Remember:

  1. Even though you have converted the video to normal speed, it will still be visible under the category name, Slo-mo. So, no need to worry if you cannot find it in your normal video collection.
  2. Now, you may be wondering if it has any impact on the video size, now that its speed has changed. We assure you, there is no change in that aspect either.
  3. Another point worth noting is that, standard videos with speed of 30fps or 24fps cannot be converted to slow motion using the existing Photos app. If you want to make these changes, you can iMovie or download other editing apps available for an iPhone.


We hope the steps above will make it easier for you to experiment with your video settings. When it comes to videos, there are lot of cinematic effects for you to include, slow motion being just one of the many. Once you are done mastering these settings, you can move onto trying  other effects as well. Good luck!

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