How to get into photography

How To Get Into Photography ?

The art of capturing light with a camera, generally via a digital sensor or film, to generate a picture is known as photography. Joseph Nicéphore Niépce took the first permanent photograph in France in 1826.  It depicts the roof of a building that has been lit by the sun.

Cameras had been used for decades before this, but they had one big flaw: they couldn’t take photos! They merely projected light onto a different surface, which painters used to make realistic paintings rather than pictures. Niépce solved this issue by covering a metal plate with asphalt, which hardened when exposed to light.

He was able to permanently bind the hardened material to the plate by rinsing it with lavender oil. And thus, creating a camera that can actually be used to take pictures.

People enjoy photography because it captures exciting events. Photography is an excellent way to document life’s significant events. Photographers are skilled artists. They know how to make people happy and have a wonderful time. When everyone is having a good time, it is a good experience for both the photographer and the subjects.

For a variety of reasons, people get interested in photography. It might be a significant life event, such as the birth of a child, a wedding, or a special birthday. It’s possible that your phone’s photo skills have irritated you to the point that you want to become serious about photography. Perhaps photography simply appeals to you and you want to give it a try.

List of things to know about getting into Photography

Whatever the reason is, you can get into it with some simple steps. Are you ready to take better photos? Well, this article will help you to know a list of things you show know about getting into photography.


  1. Use Your smart phone.                  

Yes, trying with your smartphone is a good option for beginners. This will help you learn the basics of photography. We al know that smartphones have changed a lot over the period and of course the most incredible feature is the camera. The cameras of smartphones now days consists of many amazing features that can help creating amazing pictures and also editing tools are also available on smartphones these days.

These days, the smartphones that are available are extraordinary, especially the camera. You will get amazing sharp, clear and detailed pictures with a good smartphone. While trying out different things on your phone, you can always download free editing apps and learn the different concepts of photography.


  1. Choose the Right gear

Now you have probably decided that you want to get into photography and a gear is what you are think of getting next, so choosing the right one for yourself is very important.

There is no need o buy the most expensive one at the beginning. That will definitely be a mistake. Don’t believe individuals who tell you that buying pricey gear is like an investment, that it will last longer, and so on.

You’re new to photography and have recently upgraded from a smartphone to a DSLR or Mirrorless camera.

Now if that is settled, decide on the cons and pros of DSLR and mirrorless cameras and then decide your choice. The Nikon D3500 DSLR is an excellent choice for beginners. The value bundle contains an 18-55mm VR Lens With 32GB Card, a tripod, a case, and other accessories.

When you buy, you do need to think about lenses. Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark IV is a great mirrorless camera for beginners as its super compact. 


  1. Know your style

I think knowing your style is one of the most important things when getting into photography. If you haven’t discovered your style, it is the right time to. Try all kinds of photography, and try to understand what kind do you like best, what keeps your interest in photography.

Do you like editorial, fashion, nature or architectural, etc. There are many different types of photography to choose from. Learn what you are good at and what you think has your interest the most.


  1. Learn The basics

Before getting into photography, you need to learn the basics of camera and of course photography. There are  three fundamental basics of camera setting that you should know about.

    • Aperture The aperture is the opening in the lens diaphragm that allows light to pass through to the camera sensor.
    • Shutter speed  While taking a photo, the amount of time your camera sensor is exposed to the outside world is known as the shutter speed.
    • ISO  The third piece of the exposure triangle is ISO, which is a setting that instructs your camera how sensitive to light the sensor must be.


  1. Learn Photo Editing

Editing is important for a photographer, it can’t be like, you just click a picture and its done, some editing is supposed to be done to get better lighting and fixing a few things here and there. As I said before, if you use your smartphone, you can download a free app such as snapseed to learn the basics of editing.

After that you can start using Lightroom, if you don’t understand lightroom, there are free online videos to learn the basics. This will help you to edit your great photographs and make them even better. Even though snapseed is great for editing pictures but with the help of lightroom, you cab actually edit great photos.

With the help of editing, you can improve your pictures by adjusting the highlights and shadows, cropping images, and a lot more.     


  1. Practice 

“Practice makes a man perfect”. You have obviously heard of this saying and it is absolutely true. This will help you to learn your style. Try taking pictures at different hours like sunrise, sunset, etc. to see the difference of lightings. You can give yourself tasks.

If you have listened to my advice and have not bought the most expensive gear and equipment, you can go to different locations to practice your photography with the money you saved.

You may also join communities to meet other photographers who share your interests and begin working on a project together, encouraging each other to improve and sharing knowledge. Make it enjoyable!

And of course keep sharing your photos with the world and learn to take some good and bad feedback.  

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