Necessay apps for photography

Necessary Apps For Your Photography Business


Photography is more than just a hobby to few people. If photography is your passion, we got you covered. Photography might seem like a simple task to many, but in reality, it is hard and difficult to get skilled in this field. It is not a piece of cake for everyone to master this art.  

Photography in the recent times has evolved very much. Everything you need is currently available in our very own phones. The mobile phone camera also has become very advanced. Though the DLSR cameras are professionally used, mobile phone cameras are giving a very tough competition.


In the growing times, photography is one of the glowing professions. It is now stealing all the spot lights. The demand for photography and photographers is rapidly increasing day by day. There is a huge scope for budding photographers to join this business and make a living out of it. With proper amount of practice and guidance, you can also earn a proper recognition in the field.

This is a field where you can constantly experiment on new things to understand your style and create things your way. Unlike many other desk jobs, photographers get a wide range of exposure to the outside world and can explore to the fullest. This way, their job becomes way more creative and interesting with less pressure.

Photographers also get paid really well for their services. In this generation, where people are always on a quest to capture and store their memories, photographers do have a great hand in helping them out. The opportunities are always touching the sky line. Apart from this, the recognition gained can also be an added advantage to boost up the career.


Well, everything these days runs on your mobile phone. The traffic that social media can pull is just incredible. The mobiles are a common gadget for everyone. No matter the income, every person or every household definitely maintains a smart phone. With such huge amount of audience being available, the mobile phone features have also definitely improved a lot.

Photography might seem very simple in the beginning but is a bit difficult as you start learning new things and experiment with new things. If you are someone who just started exploring, it might take you long to become well trained and to become a professional. Meanwhile, we do not expect you to carry all the required equipments. The equipments might actually be a little too expensive and it is hard for budding photographers to pay on such huge expenditure.

In such scenarios, having a mobile phone is a boon. Though mobiles cannot provide you with such fancy experience which a DSLR provides, they still do a fair job. The pictures clicked in mobile phones can also be as stunning as it is in a professional digital camera. For all the mobile phone photographers, having few apps is always a blessing in disguise. These apps can help in taking pictures or even editing pictures. There are a lot of apps designed especially designed for the sake of photography. These apps are all available on play store for Android and App store for IOS.

Downloading them makes your photography journey easier and smoother. It also helps in editing the pictures and staying in the current social trends. Here are a few apps that are necessary for your photography journey.


There are a certain apps that are designed for both IOS and android which can help capture some cool shots along with letting you edit them. These apps are very handy and easily available. Especially for budding photographers, these apps ease their work.


Snap seed is an app available for the photographers that let you edit the pictures like you want. You can add or remove detailing in the picture according to your comfort. You can add filters, try and experiment different modes of editing a single picture. With the wide range of options available, you can choose your kind of templates to set your pictures. It is a go to app for almost all the photographers. This app is a great blessing in the disguise for those who are into mobile phone photography. This app gives you great results when it is used on a mobile phone.


This is one of the oldest apps and yet the most popular in the field of editing. Believe us when we say it is a game changer. This editing app allows you to edit photos and videos marvelously irrespective of how they have been clicked. You can change colors and add filters, try out new features and effects and still not lose the quality of the picture. This can be operated on both phone and computer, but working on the computer can give you the utmost desired results.


Unlike the above apps, this one is designed for you to promote your business. You can advertise your skills and your previous work to get proper recognition and then this even helps you make a living out of it. Your fame and recognition can get you more opportunities and you can also see a lot of other peer works published on the app.


Having proper lighting can turn the tables around. It isn’t always possible to have proper lighting when you travel around for shoots. Sometimes the natural lighting is not just enough and the subject demands more lighting. You can carry a separate light meter along with you, but to some unplanned places and unexpected locations, having a pocket light meter always helps, doesn’t it? This app can be a great savior for all those unplanned captures.


This is an app which helps photographers financially and commercially. This is an app that has most of its users who are either photographers or from a company. The professional photographers can showcase their talent and the companies that admire a particular work can buy it. Photographers can make a living out of this app and it is very beneficial for the users.


This is a fun app that has to be installed in your smart phone or I pad. As photographers, it is very common to have outdoor shoots. Whether it is a model shoot, a pre wedding shoot, an event, a maternity shoot or even a landscape shoot, you always have to work under the sun. Sun is the primary source of natural lighting and nothing can replace that perfect golden hour shoots. Sun seeker is an app that helps you locate the sun and in the directions you need to shoot. It is very helpful for beginners those who still have to understand the concept of natural light photography


For any professional business to run, it is very important to manage the finances properly. Wave is one such app that helps photographers record every single transaction and keep a track of their expenses. Photographers often have inconsistent income and it varies from shoot to shoot. With the Wave App, you can easily keep a book of all your income and losses. Alongside, it even helps you to generate professional invoices in the name of your business. You can also get an access to your own bank account, a debit and credit card on the business’s name.


Here are 7 apps that are extremely helpful for your photography business. Photography is one of the largest booming businesses around the world. The demand for it increases every day. For a budding photographer, it might be a dream to set up their own business in the field they love and follow their passion. But it might be a little difficult in the beginning without relevant guidance. So the above mentioned apps will help you get a clear picture of your plan. All the Best

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