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How to Plan Better Landscape Photo Shoots?


From a hobby to passion, photography is one such talent that is appreciated by everybody. But before you start off as a professional photographer, there is a lot more information you need to know than you already know. It might sound frightening but that is the truth. This is an endless subject with wide range of tips and tricks. Unlike any other, you cannot gain information through books or CD’S, you need to step out on the ground and learn things yourself.

Photography is an interesting profession, you can always try and experiment new creative ways. The world is full of opportunities and you can always find something innovative to capture. The nature is a blessing in disguise. It offers a wide range of views and locations that are absolutely beautiful and pleasant to the eyes.


There are a lot of opportunities that can help you become a successful photographer. It is highly important for you to first choose your kind of interest in photography. There is a wide range of options in it like the landscape photography, model shoots, wedding shoots, wildlife photography, etc. Usually wild life photography and landscape photography require a lot of patience and also exploring the world is a main task.

When it comes to wedding photography and model shoots, your work is limited and your income is not consistent. Some days you might earn real well and some days you may not make good money at all. But with landscape and wildlife photography, the working hours are according to your comfort and the kind of pictures you need to click. The income is totally dependent on the number of hours you worked and the number of pictures you could publish. Henceforth, this might be a better option for someone who would want to make a living out of photography.


  1. A digital camera
  2. A Perfect location
  3. Reflective items to help
  4. A Tripod
  5. Automatic shutter clicks



Desserts are always the most attractive sight that can catch your audience attractions. They tend to have a lot of bright sand that is not usually available in our regular areas. This is a usually attractive and rare, so your audiences will it and can have huge demand.


Glaciers are usually in the shade of white and blue in it which is a treat for the eyes. It matches with the sky and creates an exotic look. Capturing the glaciers perfectly will increase the demand for that picture. These pictures can go viral within a short span of time.


The most beautiful part of the day is definitely sunsets. This view is not available at any part of the day easily. You need to wait patiently for that one perfect shot that can make all your efforts worth it. You don’t even require high equipment to capture this view, a full clarity in your mobile phone or a digital camera is more than enough. This view can draw more audience towards your business.


Who can forget the beautiful sunrise we see every day? Peace all around, no crowd and birds everywhere seems like the decoration to the sun. Capturing the sun rise needs a lot of planning and timing. You miss the opportunity to click the photo even if you delay by one second.


Rainbow is an absolute bliss to the human eye. When the water droplets mix with the sun and make a colorful dispersion across the sky, it is considered no less than a miracle. This miracle does not happen every day; you have to wait for the right time and right season to witness this amazing scenery.


Planning a perfect landscape might be a little difficult in the beginning. People do not show interest in watching stuff that is easily available and something that happens regularly. As photographers, creativity should run in your veins. It is not about what you are trying to portray but about how beautifully you are portraying. You might choose a normal location but show it so extra ordinarily.

Landscape views are usually the nature’s beautiful locations that are not available in residential localities, but you can always travel to the location and click the best of the best pictures. Here are a few tips on how to plan the perfect landscape picture.


When it comes to landscape photography, using artificial light will only lead to the clumsiness of picture. The picture might lose its aesthetics and might be so blurred. It just helps you get kicked out of the job and the audience will no longer admire that picture. So it is highly important to check the lighting before you capture something. Too much of lighting makes the picture way too bright and too less of lighting makes it way too dark. The lighting can decide how good picture turns out.


While planning a perfect landscape view, it will be a great advantage to add a little fog and mist to the picture. Most of the times, the crowd in the morning is very less and that is the time when you can capture these locations patiently. You also get to try and experiment with pictures. At this time, the weather is also very cooperative. Adding this fog and mist will become a huge benefit for your photos.


It is important to set up your focus exactly on the object so that you don’t end up capturing unnecessary details. Sometimes you might have to work in heavy crowd or the weather may not be cooperative at all. During those times, your primary focus should be your subject and you should understand all the angles that can show your subject stunning.


It is important to cross check twice before you set up to a particular location for photography. Few locations look good only in few particular seasons and at particular time of the day. If the weather is not predictable or if it is not suitable for the location, the pictures might turn out awful and may not give you the best results.


For few beautiful types of scenery, it is highly important to shoot using few colors and reflections. They simply add value to the picture and increase its aesthetics. This kind of photo shoots usually attracts a lot of audience as you can experiment all the creative ideas you have. They gain a lot of audience. This way, you can also show a simple location in a very creative and beautiful way.


It is important to manually operate your camera, and click the shutter at exactly what point of time you want the picture for. This way, you can succeed in capturing the right image at the right point of time. You can also avoid blur and also unnecessary detailing in the picture.


Planning a perfect landscape picture is not as hard as it seems to be. It requires a lot of planning and is also quite simple. If you are someone who is planning to take up photography as a profession, then being a landscape photographer is all worth it. The demand for it is very high and the opportunities don’t fall. These pictures are often used in calendars, magazine covers, posters, billboards or even as your mobile phone wallpapers. The fame you can earn through this is impeccable.

If it seems to be a bit hard in the beginning, you can always learn from other people’s references. There are a lot of recognized photographers who have done amazing job earlier, so their work can always be an inspiration to you. Apart from this, you can also learn from few online courses where professional photographers help you out with some tricks and tips. This way, you can slowly learn and master the art of landscape photography.

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