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Beginner tips for fantastic mobile phone photography


If photography is your passion, you are at the right place to educate yourself more. In today’s world we often find ourselves lost staring at few amazing pictures. These pictures can be of a model or even nature. Now that we all have access to social media, we all keep seeing each other’s feed containing such pictures and it is no fault to want one.

It is not necessary to always turn your passion into profession, but if you want to do, you are welcome. But, if you are someone who just enjoys photography as a hobby and shows interest in learning something new, you always have ways to do so. You don’t have to spend extra money on buying those fancy equipments which are expensive. Your main equipment can just be your smart phone you use.

Our smart phones are way too smart and have almost replaced a lot of other technological innovations. The telephone, calculator, alarm clock are nowhere to be seen around ever since the era of smart phones began. Camera is one such. Every brand offers a different set of features in their camera specifications. The mobile phones started having an increased number of megapixels which make is easier to save qualitative pictures.

In this world where photography plays a very major role in almost everybody’s life, you cannot always expect a professional to capture your memorable moments.

This is a world of constant miracles and you get a chance to explore the world and witness those amazing miracles. But, being said that, some views and incidents are so special that you either want to re visit them or to store it within yourself. In such a case, mobile phone photography is a blessing. Yes, it might be hard to believe but sometimes mobile phones do click some amazing pictures which are equivalent to the ones that are captured in a DSLR. The mobile phones are developing a lot right now and are trying to include as many new features as possible.

The aperture and shutter speed work hand in hand even when it comes to mobile phone photography. As photographers, we expect you to maintain a mobile phone that has a good quality camera and has different features and modes for you to always try and experiment on things.


This is a common question that arises in the minds of budding photographers. Why DSLR cameras are considered the professional and best even when some smart phones can produce amazing quality pictures? Well there are certain points that influence this particular question.


Lenses play a huge difference. The lens of a real DSLR differ a big time when compared to a normal mobile camera. A mobile phone is designed in a way for people to carry it anywhere. It is portable. It accumulates a lot of dust particles on the lens over a period of time. And it is hard for you to clean the lens very frequently when it comes to mobiles.


 The mobile phones are made with a purpose to be handy. They can be carried everywhere and at any point of time. They’re very small in size that they can fit in your wrist or a pocket. When it comes to cameras, they are a little large in size and cannot be carried everywhere along with you. The lenses of phones are made with fiber or plastic, so they do not break easily even while travelling. The camera lenses are often made with glasses.


One of the common misconceptions everybody has about a camera is about megapixels. People always do believe that higher megapixels help in producing qualitative pictures. However, the truth is megapixels do not decide the quality of a picture. Nowadays, we all find few mobile phones which have more megapixels than a DSLR camera.



Sometimes you would want to capture a beautiful location that does not fit in your frame easily. In those times, you can actually flip your phone upside down. This helps in capturing the whole long scenery. If you’re doing a model shoot, it will also help the model look taller and longer


This is a feature available in mobile phones that will help you click pictures easily. If you are trying to fit a whole family in a picture or maybe an Eiffel tower, this will help you capture it in few minutes.


One of the best parts of using a mobile camera is to operate the shutter speed manually and can capture the motion of your subject in fraction of seconds. The clarity of the image remains the same and the picture gets saved in high quality than it was when it was clicked.


You get to use different modes while clicking pictures of a model or any view. The portrait mode differs from the general camera by focusing more on the main subject. The same happens with the landscape mode, it focuses more clearly on the view.


Mobile phone cameras are designed a little different from the Digital SLR cameras. Sometimes when you try to photograph something in artificial light, the camera might end up focusing more on the light than your subject. It may make the picture look clumsy and dark. So use more of natural light for bright and clear pictures.


It is important to understand what your camera can do. Each brand offers a wide range of cameras varying from each other. Each of them is made of different in-built features. So it is always better to try and explore every feature your mobile has to offer. It will be useful for you to experiment new ways in photography.


The camera quality of mobile phones reduces when it is zoomed into maximum. Pictures turn out to be clumsier and messier.


Mobile cameras can often capture few pictures from different perspective and in the process you can play with the reflections to get some unique pictures.


Always set your camera mode to focus more on your subject, if not it might start focusing on other unnecessary details in the picture and the picture does not look balanced. It is also easier to get a more balanced picture if you can use the grid lines. They ensure that the angles and position of subject is symmetrical.


The multiple shots feature in the mobile phones is a pure bliss. You can turn the continuous shots feature on and can set a specific number of how many shots you’d want and the camera will do its work. Sometimes when the subject is not in constant position and is continuously moving, you can use this feature to capture as many shots as possible. Though many pictures can turn out blurred, you will always end up finding one good single shot worth the effort.


Another advantage of mobile phone photography is, it does not end with clicking the picture, and you can always edit it with multiple editing apps. Sometimes, you can download a set of apps and directly connect it with your default camera. Editing the pictures may make it look more aesthetic and can maintain or enhance the beauty of the picture.

The features in mobile phones are quite a lot and you learn something new while exploring the features. It is easy to even share and transfer pictures as mobiles use internal storage unlike cameras. Mobile phone photography is one of the simplest ways to start your photography journey, yet a little complicated if you’re not well versed with the tricks and tips.

Here are a few tricks to master the art of mobile photography for you. Using these techniques will help you improve in clicking more qualitative pictures. You will also end up understanding deeper about what your phone camera can do. So, try using these tips the next time you step out to capture some stunning pictures.

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