Shadows in photography

Tips for Using Shadows in Photography

Have you seen any of those stunning pictures which steal your heart? Yes, we have seen them too. The one’s you cannot take your eyes out from and the one’s which you want to click one for yourself. Uh-Oh, you know what we are speaking about right? Yeah, those absolutely gorgeous reflective photographs, that’s what we are mentioning here.

Photography is an art form where you can always experiment with new techniques. Learn new methods and creative ways to click one single picture in different angles. In this vast subject of photography, clicking pictures with reflections and shadows is a huge topic in itself. These pictures look absolutely cool but sometimes are very hard to capture.


Usually photos that contain shadows or reflections of you are very attractive and can be used to create imaginary scenarios using this. Social media is having a heavy traffic these days and especially for apps like Instagram and Facebook. These apps help you connect with people across world, known and unknown. You see a lot of attractive images on your feed and few images develop the urge to click a few also.

The trends on Instagram are ridiculously growing. Staying in trend is always a plus point if you are trying to grow socially. Monochromatic pictures with shadows are a recent trend that has gained much reach. If you are an influencer planning to develop your page in content creation or maybe a model or a photographer or anybody in relation with the fashion field, you do know that pictures with shadows are a go to trend.

The experimentation with shadows never ends. To stay updated in the trend and to grow your audience, it is highly advised that you always try and create something new. And trying for pictures in such genres is always a plus point.


Well, to be honest this doesn’t require much equipments or fancy accessories. We all know how popular photography has turned in the recent times. This is a talent that is no longer rare to find. We have tones of budding photographers turning this into their profession every year. So if you are one among them who wants to make a career in this field, it is always advised to buy a DSLR with updated features and versions. That attracts you more customers and helps you and your business grow.

But, if you are a young mind who is just experimenting for fun or for social popularity, your main equipment is in your hand. Yes, the mobile phone you use can do wonders. Having a smart phone is very common to everybody nowadays and it is now a necessity for people. Mobile phone has now replaced a lot of other electronics like calculator, telephone or even a notebook for that matter. Camera is one thing mobiles took over too. the camera in mobile phone might not be able to produce high quality pictures like a professional DSLR does, but it sure captures some amazing pictures worth on your social feed.

Well, the utmost important part is your brain. If you cannot think of creative ways to capture a picture, you have very low chances on impressing the audience. It is a bitter fact. Your creative ideas are your biggest asset. A creative mind can find ideas even in the least possible places. You can click and capture your desired pictures with having less equipment and using naturally available resources. Apart from this, you can also try and experiment a lot of things by taking inspiration by the nature and use the parts of your surroundings and environment. That will help you create trends and stand out uniquely from the crowd following the same old style of pictures. Your uniqueness will have a little more reach on the social media and trust us; your audience will love you and your work when it is different from the regular.

To add a little more beauty to your reflective pictures, you can actually use some props. Wondering how? Here is how, all you need to do is, select an attractive design and place it under the sun light. We all do know what magic sun light can do. It just adds the naturally glowing brightness to your face and also adds an aesthetic to the picture. So the props actually reflect on your face and leave a shadow in the chosen shape of the prop. That basically creates you a very aesthetic picture as desired.

Again, you cannot ignore the lighting part. You need to ensure there is sufficient and harsh lighting available for your photography because most of these pictures are usually clicked on a bright sunny day. Make sure you analyze your exposure and lighting according to the angles. If not the photograph becomes very clumsy and will lose its essence.


Using shadows in photography might sound a little difficult initially, but it is one of the simplest tricks in photography. It may be challenging to adapt this trend in the beginning if you are a newbie, because usage of right angles may make this picture stunning and if the angle messes up, it will also turn awful. It is very important to understand your angles, exposure, lighting with respect to the position of your subject.

As a photographer, it is very important to pay a great deal to lighting and other major aspects of lighting. Particularly in portrait photography, you can convey the emotions in a picture. In such cases, make sure that while the lighting makes the picture bright, focusing on shadow images can make the emotion of the photo visible.

Sometimes, we click the pictures of a particular item which we want to show or maybe a beautiful scenario we see instead of a model. Now here is the deal, we can use a high quality material of cloth as a background or maybe any normal cloth also, but focusing more on the texture of the cloth instead of the shadow helps you maintain the clarity in picture. It is again very trendy style in adding shadows to a picture.

Another interesting trick you might miss out is adding colors. Yes, adding bright colors to the pictures might end up bringing a whole new looks to the picture. The photo will turn beyond your imagination. The most attractive part of this is you get colorful shadows and it is something way too unique. This can be tried over any glass objects where the dispersion of light is captured.

You can also add depth and dimension to the photographs. This indeed helps in making the pictures look marvelous and using harsh light makes it look even more attractive to the eye. Another important tip you can use while clicking such images is making sure to click in manual mode. Manual mode often helps in capturing the images in right times after analyzing the exposure and lighting.


So here are few tips from our end that can help you understand better about shadow photography and why you need to try it out. As photographers, it is always challenging to pay attention to every trend and try out everything because your audience and clients do have a lot of expectations from you. Shadow photography is one such where clicking self portraits are very hard and sometimes next to impossible. So you definitely have a lot of demand when it comes to this specific aspect. Try to master this art in order to provide the best for your clients.

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