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Tips to Setup a Home Photography Studio



If photography is your passion, there is no wonder if you want to make it your profession. But choosing photography as your full time career might be a tough choice to make. As a matter of fact, every business requires a basic prior investment before setting up. In fields like photography, being talented isn’t just enough. You also need some proper equipment to support that talent of yours.

Photography is one such talent which can be mastered with practice over a period of time. Nowadays, we see a lot of young minds being very enthusiastic about learning new things and experiment with it. It surely is worth all the enthusiasm and excitement. We totally understand the fact that not everybody is capable of affording such high equipment to begin their training and most people actually would want to learn it through a smart phone.

 Initially, a smart phone might be of great use to people who just began exploring photography. Also to those people who would want to take up photography for part time or just practicing this art for the sake of pleasure/hobby or fun in their leisure hours.

Smartphone in today’s world is a common accessory for everyone and without we noticing it; it slowly turned as a necessity. Though you can experiment a lot with a smart phone, having a professional camera makes it more useful in the field.


Nikon and Canon are few of the leading brands in India. They launch a wide range of equipments to support all types of photography. But that’s not it. To set up a studio, you need to rent up a location, buy all the necessary lighting equipments and have to pay all the bills. In the initial stage, this is not advisable because not everybody can afford all such high end equipments. Especially when you don’t have enough customers or clients, things may not go as planned and we might end up broke.

But hey, we got you covered. Here are some tips through which you can build a home studio for yourself and turn this passion into profession. There are certain kinds of shoots that are best suited to studios. Such photo shoots do have a lot of demand. For example, a lot of women would like to capture their maternity times or maybe a crazy pet lover who wants to model their pet or someone who wants to create eye catchy pictures of their new born.


Setting up a home studio might not be as pleasing and easy as it sounds. First and foremost, make sure you live in a place where your residents do not complaint against your business. Also start your promotions with your neighborhood and make sure you get your leads.

 If you are someone who lives in a non residential area, it might be hard for your business to boom up. Make sure that you are providing a comfort zone and space for your audience to enter and change outfits if needed. A lot of models would like to try different outfits in a single day, so keep that also in mind and ensure lots of privacy.

For such kind of shoots, having a studio is a great advantage. So let us help you plan a studio in low budget but a decorative space with all the necessary goods you will be requiring.



One of the major parts of photography is having a proper background. This might be one of the top demands of your client as well. Sometimes the client might expect you to edit beautiful sceneries behind or maybe a colorful backdrop matching their outfit. It is always advisable to have a green background because you can always edit it later. You can add any kind of images and edit it or you can totally remove the green color and make it look formal. Thus, this is a worthy investment for long term.


No matter what kind of shoot it is, it is always advised to have accessories or props in hand. They just give you more ideas to take more creative pictures. And the chances are high for them to turn out really good. Usually, model shoots or group pictures or couple photography requires the usage of such props. These props just add a little more elegance to your pictures.


Now it is time for you to look at the best space of your home. This space of your home should have more space and less furniture around. Make sure it is a place close to your windows or something that has natural elegance. Do not forget to ensure about the lighting and double check the space to add extra lighting setup if needed. The place must be a little wide for the model to try out different poses and move around.


One of the major parts of photography is lighting. It has the power to turn even a good picture into bad due to lack of lighting. Make sure to pay more attention to this. Try to maintain studio flash lights that work manually. These are going to be of great help. 

Also try to make a purchase of speed light. Speed lights are the off camera flashes, it might be hard to use them in the beginning but slowly they turn out to be really simple. Your lighting decides the capacity of your photography.

The lighting setup surprisingly consists of modifiers or reflects as well. To ensure equal and smooth lighting all around, make sure to use a transparent Umbrella or a Soft box. These help in softening the light and ensuring to spread the light equally all around the corners. Gel papers also help a lot in adding new shades to your picture.


Photo shoots can be very long and exhausting for you and the client as well. Try to arrange some water and snacks so that you can stay hydrated and energetic. This also helps you build a personal bond with the client. Have some wet wipes readily available for the client to freshen up in between the shoot. Also, having a mirror helps the client get ready for the shoot. It is also considered as an added prop as you can always experiment with mirrors. 


Apart from the above mentioned tips, there are also certain measures to be followed to make your home studio a more decorative place. We understand that having your own setup at home might be a very exhausting task and may not bring you the satisfaction of a professional photographer. But trust us, with time practice and experience thing may stop going south and will work out as planned.


In today’s world, home studios do have a lot of demand and might bring in a great income. If you are somebody who is good in editing, clicking and capturing things, we don’t see why not you should try this. A little bit of guidance under some professionals may help you with learning and improvising your skills.

So consider this a sign and go ahead with implementing your thoughts plans and skills altogether, because stunning pictures make stunning visions

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