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17 Types of Photography: Which Niche is Right for You?

I think if you are reading this article, you already know that Photography is an art, and obviously you are interested in photography. And the best thing about being a beginner in this field is that you can explore all kinds of new things. You can always try different things and know what is best for you. That means finding you style. Your Niche. You can always choose multiple styles by trying them out and mastering them.

But in my opinion, you should try to stick to one and try to understand what you like the most which will make you a professional and a better photographer. Trying to many styles is fine, but sticking to all of them may hold you back in your career.

Now you might still not understand what a niche is. Well, a niche is a part of a larger market, that has its own different aspects and features. There are plenty of types of photography like, architecture, portrait, fashion, etc. you can choose from many options and know your own style.

17 Types of Photography: Which Niche is Right for You?

This article will help you find out which niche is right for you, here are some of the types of photography that you can choose from.

  1. Still life Photography

Still life photography is a distinct type of photography. One of the things that distinguishes it is that the themes are usually uninteresting. They’re merely everyday items to which you wouldn’t typically pay much attention. In this type of photography, there are items like fruits or books or bottles or anything that is still is just kept and your task it to make that photograph special.

To be effective in still life photography, you must discover creative methods to make your images attractive. That makes it an excellent style of photography for learning new techniques.

  1. Portrait Photography

This kind of photography is an art in itself. It is one of the most popular and common styles. I this type of photography, you photograph the emotions, the personality and the aura of a person or a group of people. These days self portrait photography is also a thing, this is possible because of the front cameras in a smartphone usually.

  1. Landscape Photography

Landscape photography is the type of photography in which you capture the nature and the outdoors so as to bring life to the photograph. This is also a very common type of photography.

  1. Food Photography

    Oh, come on! I am already hungry. This word just makes me hungry all the time. Well, what do our photographers feel like while they photograph foods. Social media these days is usually flooded with the photographs of food, and different and delicious looking dishes.

    This photography is a little tricky because the colour scheme and theme generally doesn’t match.

  2. Event Photography

    The art of recording moments, guests, and events at an event for example weddings or parties is known as event photography. When there are parties, music concerts, or other gatherings, event photographers are generally required.

  3. Fashion Photography

    This kind of photography is something that most of the photographers dream of doing. Its mission is to present garments and other fashion goods in the best light possible.

    This is something that will take you to different destinations, different shoots, etc.

  4. Street Photography

    The skill of capturing a candid moment of a subject in its current setting is known as street photography. The topics are frequently live people such as humans or animals.

    Now you may think it is the same as portrait but the difference is that in the portrait photography, they know that they are being photographed.

  5. Headshot Photography

    This kind of photography involves mainly the face and head of a person and only focuses on that. These are common for models and actors or in that industry.

  6. Sports Photography

    This is considered as a photojournalism kind of photography. It means taking photographs during a sports event.

  7. Wild life Photography

    The name describes itself what this means. It is the art of capturing animals in their natural habitat.

  8.  Photojournalism

    This photography helps in journalism, in which it helps to record photos and news events. The motive is to tell a story through images. Professional photojournalists get paid much for their job since their work is frequently published in newspapers.

  9. Weather Photography

    Weather photography is essentially outdoor photography that focuses on various typically harsh and extreme weather situations such as hurricanes, snowstorms, sandstorms, hailstorms, and sometimes even thunderstorms.

    To be a successful weather photographer, you must also be able to interpret and comprehend certain weather patterns, such as storm patterns. This type of photography is a little risky since you have to travel in harsh weathers.

  10. Architectural Photography

    This photography is usually for building and monuments, it focuses on the structure of different kinds of building. The study has to be shown as well in this kind of photography as well, such as patterns and curves, etc.

  11. Night Photography

    This is the art of capturing the outside world at night, capturing the beauty of the stars and constellations, the moon and the sun. It also consists of the nature at night. It is one of the most interesting types of photography and also very common.

  12. Travel Photography

    We all know that this is going to be a fun kind of photography since you get to travel a lot. It is the art of capturing new cultures, different destinations, and beautiful settings all around the world. There are many successful travel photographers all around the world. Most of them showcase their work on social media.

  13. Underwater Photography

    I think it is easy to understand the meaning of this photography, in this style of photography, you have to capture the marine life, the fishes and their natural habitat. There is a beauty in the ocean that many people don’t know about and can be seen only through photographs. You will obviously need waterproof cameras and will have to scuba diving, and should also know swimming well.

  14. Fine Art Photography

    This kind of photography is the most the unique one. It needs to capture what the artist, what the camera sees. It is the most beautiful one. It involves sales of prints created by artists.

I am sure, by now you might have had an idea bout what niche will suit you the best. If you have been doing photography for a while, after reading this I am sur you’ll understand it a little better now. And hopefully will know what is your style.

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